About Us

You must have heard the sayingContent is the King” a number of times. But do you know that many websites, particularly the websites of the small and medium business fail to take advantage of good content. Quality technical writing services that impresses your readers is one of the most precious assets for any online entity. This is where we come in.

Who we are?

More Than Words is exactly as our name says!

We are a professional resume writing services providing agency with an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. We are a group of creative writers and expert editors who strive to come up with new ideas for your technical writing services needs. We are not just a runt of the pack content mill. We go beyond the normal process of resume writing service because this is not why you have chosen us for your resume writing needs. You have chosen us because of our reputation of quality content delivered within the mutually agreed upon time frame.

Our focus is quality for the team at More Than Words, technical writing services is not just a few pages of words. For us, it is a means through which you achieve an objective in your online business strategy. This is why we emphasize quality above everything else. We aim to provide our customers the very best professional resume writing services that is tailored exactly to their requirements.

What do we do?

More Than Words provide a host of services centered on content needs of the client. We service clients from industries such as e-commerce, technology, wellbeing, food and recreation. Our offerings include

  • SEO articles and blogs

  • Press Releases

  • Copy writing

  • Resume Writing Services

  • Professional Resume Writing Services
  • Technical writing Services

  • Brochures

Please visit our services page for more details about these and other forms of writing that we cater to.

Of course you would find these services at other writing agencies as well. So what sets us apart from the rest of the content creation crowd?

Three concepts; Quality, Punctuality and Dedication

These three concepts are the mainstays of our business model. This is why we are proud to say that we are among the most respected content creation agencies in the world. We have a high rate of return customers that frequently recommend us to their connections.

Why should you hire us?

More Than Words is a website for articles built on three pillars: Honesty, Customer Satisfaction and Professionalism.

There are hundreds of websites on the internet with claims of providing quality content for your needs. What distinguishes us from them?

  • We are exclusively a writing agency. This means that there is only one thing we do- writing various forms of content for our clients.

  • Our team comprises of skilled writers that come up with creative ways of writing. Next our team of seasoned editors makes sure that the piece you receive is as perfect as it could be.

  • Deadlines are very sacred to us. When we finalize a deal with a client, deadlines are clearly discussed and then rigidly followed.

  • Last but not in any way least, we do not start writing as soon as we get your contract. First there comes a thorough analysis of your requirements so that our writers and editors have a clear idea of what you need.

  • We ensure 100% client satisfaction and are open to revisions.